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    Q. Do you deliver to homes as well as large commercial businesses?

    A. Yes. We actually do more residential jobs than we do commercial. In fact, most homes require more than our nine yard minimum.


    Q. How do I determine how much bark I will need?

    A. It is recommended that you put down three inches initially and add to that peridically as it breaks down. See our How to Estimate page for pointers on measuring.


    Q. How far will your hose reach?

    A. Our standard truck carries 200 feet of hose. If you need more, let us know prior to delivery.


    Q. Do I need to be home when you do the job? How long does it take?

    A. No, you don't need to be home. We will get your instructions over the phone and some of our customers leave us notes and indicators where they do and don't want bark. The average job is completed in 1 1/2 hours and payment can be arranged in advance.


    Q. Are there chemicals in the bark that will harm my plants?

    A. No. There are no chemicals in the bark, added or natural, that will harm your plants.


    Q. Do I need to do any preparation for the bark?

    A. You may want to have a preemergent put down, weed your beds and clean up the edges if necessary. Please pick up after your animals.


    Q. How long does bark last?

    A. Depending on the size and how much you put down initially, bark can last 2-3 years. The bottom layer will deteriorate first and become a soil amendment. In some cases, customers refresh yearly because they like the look and smell of fresh bark.


    Q. Will blowing the bark in hurt my plants?

    A. No. Our installers are careful not to blow directly onto the more delicate plants. We would prefer that your annuals be planted two weeks prior to installation, but in any case, we are always accomodating.


    Q. Does blowing in the bark make a mess.

    A. We clean up if there is any overspray before we leave. The only exception is when the building or sidewalk are wet from sprinklers or rain. We will do the best we can with our blowers but you may choose to wash some areas with a hose.


    Q. Do I need to rake out the bark when you are finished?

    A. No. Our finished job is much better than you could expect to do with a rake. We even blow under shrubs and trees that you would never consider doing by hand.


    Q. Should I put down plastic or weed fabric under the bark?

    A. Three inches of bark gives you the same weed control as plastic without the additional effort. Plastic is never recommended as it prevents water from penetrating into the soil. It also traps air, causing moldy soil and eventually deteriorates and falls apart. Weed fabric makes it difficult to do additional planting and will still require two inches of bark. Neither are suggested.


    Q. How much notice should I give you to get on your schedule?

    A. During our busy season of March through July, we are frequently booked two weeks in advance. At other times, one weeks notice is sufficient. We always try our best to accommodate for unexpected occassions.

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